Goal of the Clinical Research Unit

The overarching goal of the CRU is to provide resources and services to advance clinical research and inform the best practices for clinical research. It will be a core facility with centralized and shared resources..

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CRU Activities

DBT Wellcome Trust Grantsmanship Workshop Series

As a first exercise, the CRU planned and initiated the grantsmanship workshop series to foster interest and enthusiasm among the faculty, scientists, and residents to apply for the prestigious research fellowships of the DBT Wellcome Trust

Working Objectives

The CRU team comprising scientists and faculty with varied sets of research skills shall support research investigators (AIIMS faculty and scientists) to design, conduct, analyze, and publish high-quality clinical research. The primary objectives of the CRU shall be the following:

  • Phase I

    To provide technical expertise to AIIMS faculty and scientists to plan clinical research proposals and submit grant applications for funding

  • Phase II

    To provide support to AIIMS faculty and scientists for conducting research (assisting set-up, the conduct of the study; data management and analysis; report writing; publications)